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ѡ çС
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Mobile Telephone (01) 8079966
999/82 ҹ ǹҧࢹ, ǴѧԵ, 60, ࢵ ͹ͧ, ا෾ 10210
Telephone: (02) 9408868
Fax: (02) 9408867
ӧҹ 1
ͧٵ-Ǫ þ. د, ҪԶ, ǧ 觾, ࢵ Ҫ, ا෾ 10400
Telephone: (02) 2460066 94058, 94061
ӧҹ 2
Ἱٵ-Ǫ, þ. Ǵ, ǧҹ, ࢵ بѡ, ا෾ 10900
Telephone: (02) 5611260-7
Ѱ 30-03-2523 ˭ԧ
ѹ¾ 20-03-2529 ˭ԧ
˹-Ҫվ ٵ-ᾷ Ш þ. د, Ⱦѹ͡
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